Massimo Vecchi, felt in love with photography at a very early age -(14)-and never stoped since then.

He studied art, photography and graduated as an architect at Firenze's university.

Later on, he pursued a career as an art director in a series of advertisement companies and magazines.

A very active creator and entrepeneur, Massimo comes back to his birthplace, Catania, to open the space that he dreamt exists when he was young. A space to share the passion and love for art: “The Art House”.

In the later years, he climbed the list of professional photographer being recognized as one of the top ten in the “landscape nude” genere, with works published in the most prestigius magazines in the field. 

His last book “Venus” has become a “must have” among profesional and ammateurs. 

Massimo Vecchi keeps producing his art all around the Mediterranean .

As the art director and head photographer of “The Art House” Massimo works everyday to make "photographer's and art lovers world" a much better place .


© 2017-  by Massimo Vecchi.